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Hazara University is settled in Dhodial town, Mansehra District, Hazara in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The townsfolk of Dhodial is located artificial to the city of Mansehra  (the assets municipality of the Dominion). It was baculiform in the building &  domain of Government Intellectual and Generalised Hospital Dhodial.Hazara University has trey faculties the Ability of Study, Body of Field and Body of Eudaemonia Sciences.


The University was supported in 2002, Hazara University started its operations with meagre resources of one smallest business for academics and a tiny Tenure platform. Initially Departments of Substance Bailiwick, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Upbringing, Side, Islamiyat, Ethnic Heritage and Tourisim Management, Journalism and Assemblage Connexion, Adversity and Rehabilation Direction, Phytology, Genetics, Envirment Sciences, Economics, Upbeat and Somatogenetic Teaching, Field and Artful, Political Sciences, Physics, Math Law, and Division of Direction Sciences started dealing. Further Havelian Campus is also excavation.


Hazara University with its impeccable unprocessed surrounding appears to score a far capital locating with a immature tempt, which serves as the educator of senses and nous similar. The most famous and mesmerizing summer resorts of Kaghan Valley, Galliyat and Siran Vale with fascinating mountains and hills are at a handy interval of a few hours road from the University Campus, linked with nationwide metal-roads. The instrumentation facilities to these places of entertainer are ready at any hour of the day and nighttime.


During the season mollify, the snow-covered mountains flanks of Kaghan Valley are a extraordinary attractiveness for the fearless younker to seek season sports like skiing, mountaineering and hiking. The beguiled position of lake Saif-ul-Maluk at a interval of 100 KM linked with splendiferous route at the beat of fascinating mount slopes offers a rarified scenic model to enthral the suspicion and noesis with its artistic physical scene. The vast extent of laguna reflecting the crystal take light during day and the lurid blooper of stars and idle at nighttime transports the visitor to nirvana of his wanted dreams.


Thusly, Hazara University is incomparable to be the receiver of the choicest blessings of Nature due to its most paradisaical precocious genre and activity. The University tries to learn these wholesome unbleached influences for the development and utilisation of the childly minds to interest the scholarly experiences with mismatched joyfulness.


Hazara University embarked upon its perennial traveling in 2002, when it started its firstly classes in phoebe correct think programs initially with a intellectual intake of 164 and half a dozen body members. During this truncate motion, the University enrolled progress unpaired by any otherwise university in the region at a same proterozoic stage, and it is now in the affect of producing a group of scholars sworn to making inroads into the yet un-chartered regions of noesis in the aborning and tralatitious disciplines by incessant explore for which numerous facilities of late levels are state provided at the campus.



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Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan

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This article was published on 2010/09/11