How to Find an International Market Research Job

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If you have recently left university you are mostly likely intending to seek out employment which is fulfilling, stimulating and is well paid. Unfortunately this is not a situation many people find themselves in with regards to employment once they have successfully completed university. However, when faced with the reality of this situation, many university graduates soon realise that there is a distinct lack of job opportunities to those in the UK, especially those who are seeking out well paid employment. Sure, there are intern-ships available to gain experience but this is not something that you should be doing once you have completed university. This is a scenario which a large number of graduates have been facing since the recession which began in 2008. However, there are a variety of employment opportunities available abroad for those who are willing to seek out vacancies further afield.

There is a demand in a number of English speaking countries for highly skilled graduates who excel in market research vacancies. Many job seekers will assume that they will need to have studied for a degree which specialises in marketing or a business degree but this is not the case at all. Market research employers are seeking people with a wide variety of degree and like to focus on the personal skills which you have developed through Higher Education.

Of course, an interest or great passion for Marketing will help you go a long way in succeeding in this highly competitive, yet rewarding industry. You may well be wondering how to enter into the sector if you do not have any relevant experience of university degree and this is where consulting a market research recruitment agency an excellent idea and the most effective way to enter into the industry. We are aware that job seeking can be a daunting and stressful process but a recruitment agency will be there with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Even if you do not wish to relocate internationally long term then that is no problem, many overseas market research recruitment companies in South Asia are seeking graduates for year long contracts, these are often offering excellent career prospects so you may well decide that a life out of the UK is ideal once you are out there working. It also looks excellent on a CV if you have spent sometime abroad and can really improve your job prospects here in the UK, if you do decide to come back here of course.

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How to Find an International Market Research Job

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This article was published on 2011/09/22